Pillowcase Dresses -  I am no longer sewing these; custom orders only

Pillowcase Dresses  
 Custom orders $45 with Monogram

Pillowcase dresses are beautiful, simple, & comfortable!

Pilllowcase Dress Size Chart:

3 months             13"
6 months             15"
12 months           16"-17"
18 - 24 months   18"-20"
2t                      20"-22"
3t                      23"-24"
4t                      24"-25"
5t                      26"-27"
6/8                    28"-34"

Matching Tweens and Adult Blouses -  any of the above lengths! 

These dresses can continue to be worn as your child grows! You will get many years of wear because as your child grows and the dress becomes shorter, it can be used as a tunic or long blouse with capris or leggings, and then as a blouse with shorts and Capri pants.  Adults can wear these shirts as well!  The width of the pattern is the same, the length just changes.  These dresses are so comfortable that your daughter will love wearing one!